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When year-old Otis starts honry find success as a child television star in Hollywood, his ex-rodeo-clown father returns to serve as his guardian. Honey Boy follows two threads of time, watching father and son's contentious relationship and their attempts to mend boy across the boy of a decade.

Two outstanding young actors, Lucas Hedges and Noah Jupe, play Otis at different ages, and their intense performances reveal an emotionally raw character driven, simultaneously and paradoxically, by anger and the desire to forgive.

Shia LaBeouf’s Autobiographical Honey Boy Is a Complex, Flawed Take on Addiction | Vanity Fair

As our way of saying thank you for supporting independent storytellers we are offering a free screening of this film on Sunday, January 27, To get honry join the eWaitlist online or on the Festival app two hours before film start time. EMAIL becca staygoldfeatures. Alma Har'el is known for artistically blurring the lines between documentary and fiction.

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Festival Program U. Dramatic Competition.

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Watch Meet The Artist. Alma Har'el. Shia LaBeouf. Natasha Braier. JC Molina. Natalie O'Brien.