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Maybe I was communicating that way because I was up drinking cold brew writing this piece and my penchant for slow-burn flirtation had come undone. Like a game of strip poker, Hot Girl Summer has unfolded slowly and then — wow — all at once.

How “Hot Girl Summer” Became Everyone’s Favorite Meme Overnight

The idea is everywhere in pop culture now. People post selfies girl their flyest outfits, share stories of triumphing over various obstacles, upload dispatches from vacations, Snapchat from nice restaurants or while chilling at home.

You focus on your earthbound self and what it means to live your best life, in your own skin. So why has the phrase become so popular? Amid all this, Hot Girl Summer is as much a reprieve as its namesake season used to be. In a way, Hot Girl Summer allows people of different and to tap into an alternate-world America.

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It has the veneer of a and old-fashioned fun battle of the sexes, like a boys-versus-girls water gun melee, without the hot erotic xxx videos and turmoil of the real gender wars being waged in American culture.

Hot Girl Summer hot women in mod glasses and Day-Glo swimwear, or boys about vacationing boys friends, and straight men drooling like Trey Songz in this video of Megan Thee Stallion and Teyana Taylor grinding on each other in a club.

In the video, Songz stares, mouth agape, at the two women — a look of impishness and arousal competing on his face as he watches the women girl physical hot for each other.

Where is the true desire?

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