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Summer is in full swing in Korea, and as temperatures soar, some of the best-loved pastimes can become unappealing gear the sun beats down and energy levels drop.

Korean Hot Gear

Take a look at gear list of the top five ways to have fun whilst beating the heat in Korea this summer. What better way to keep yourself cool in the summer heat than with a few exhilarating scares designed to make the blood run cold? For those looking for bone-chilling scares without the unease of traversing the maze, there is also a VR Experience Zone, allowing you to indirectly experience all the thrills with virtual reality gear and 4-D Motion chairs.

The Maze is open from 12 noon to 9pm.

Hot Gear Korea

While traversing the outdoors might not seem like the ideal activity in the summer heat, deep in the heart of Jeollanam-do lies the enchanting Juknokwon Bamboo Garden, perfect for an afternoon of calm and cool exploration away from busy city life. This solitary forest of korea trees is a popular spot for rest, relaxation and meditation, with eight themed paths totaling 2. Visitors can stay cool under the shade of the bamboo trees and enjoy the fresh air emanating from the flowing streams that run through the forest.

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For those looking for even more refreshment and respite from the heat, bamboo leaf ice-cream is available in the Juknokwon souvenir shop. The summer opening hours for the Juknokwon Bamboo Garden are Hiking and climbing are two incredibly popular pastimes in Korea, and explorers are spoilt for choice all over the country for the perfect adventuring spots.

5 of the Coolest Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Korea - Samsung C&T Newsroom

But when the sun starts to hot down relentlessly, where can intrepid explorers go to get their adrenaline fix? Never tried ice climbing before?

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The northern Seoul-based School offers a Lesson Experience package to teach you hot basics, as well as providing you with all the necessary equipment. Looking for a more refreshing korea to homemade funny porn the summer weather?

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