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Today I would like to share with you my surefire way for finding the perfect personal assistant to suit your needs and your budget.

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The first question you personal need to answer is: Where should my personal assistant be based? If you live in an assistant, western country having a locally based personal assistant will likely be out of your price range unless you are quite wealthy.

How to Hire a Personal Assistant

Assuming you cannot afford that, my advice is to seek a personal assistant in Eastern Europe or perhaps in the Philippines. I generally find Eastern Europeans to be far smarter than Filipinos, all else equal, but Filipinos are generally friendly, hard working, south indian threesome sex excellent English skills assistant are very cheap to hire.

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This is the kind of tradeoff you would be making to hire a cheaper Indian over a more expensive Eastern European nine times out of ten. Note personal when seeking a remote personal assistant you will typical save even more on salaries by searching in second tier cities rather than the capital cities. It is not uncommon for wages to be double in the capital city as compared to other cities in many Eastern European countries.

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I dildo bulge recommend that you advertise your personal assistant position just like any other professional office job, which is to say place an advertisement can be free or paid on local job websites in your target locales. You will likely be surprised by the number of responses you can generate with good ad asain web cam. I will share hot you the advertisement I used to hire one of my own personal assistants a couple of years back:.

Job Hot Duties will include scheduling and management of calendars, travel planning, basic research on a variety of topics, purchasing of day to day items including pickup and drop off and other tasks as required.