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Hottest girls videos

Girls think the purpose of a music video would be to add another layer of meaning to the sound and lyrics.

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But sometimes, the point is to have a bunch of celebrities pour suspiciously watery milk on their spandex-bound bodies, because that is Here, 18 of the sexiest, steamiest visuals to ever appear on TRL what a time you were, late hottest, what a time or, now, YouTube.

It is literally just D'Angelo standing there singing, but is that not enough? If that's not enough, videos also the opposite of fully clothed. The one that makes all your friends go "Please, no" when it comes on and you start trying to recreate the choreography.

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Also known as the one with the crystal bodysuit. We could've stopped anywhere in that sentence, and this video would still be on this list. Boob handling in a bikini, looking at Jay-Z like she wants to do unspeakable things to him.

How could it get hotter?

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Admit it: This bop got stuck in your head the first time you heard it.