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India love sex tape leaked

Social Media Reacts To India Love's Sex Tape, Including Lil Yachty & The Guy Who Leaked It

Upon logging onto Twitter this AM, many of our morning routines were compromised with the discovery of the latex domination sex tape, starring two women, one of whom is widely presumed to be prominent Instagram model India Love.

The leaked recording was only about 20 seconds long, and there was no sex, per se, but it has caused quite an uproar, due to the POV vantage point from which love can see Love and all of her junk. As she's lying on her stomach, Love was identified by the "LA" tattoo on her right butt cheek. A woman stands directly behind Love's rear, though one can only see her hand moving across Love's body.

Look: Footage Leaks From a Second India Love Sex Tape

You may remember that India Leaked was indirectly involved in the beef between Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy that hogged india the headlines at the end of October. The whole thing started when Soulja put up an Instagram picture of himself and Love, and for whatever reason, Yachty asked him to take it down. Of ameri ichinode, Yachty's mentions tape crazy this morning when Love's sex tape made its rounds on social media.

He first addressed the controversy by writing, "man waking up and checking twitter it's always something new that's really crazy on the internet lmao.

India Love Addresses Leaked Sex Tape, Soulja Boy Shows Support To Her | Hot

Surprisingly, Soulja Boy has not yet spoken on the indecent exposure sex was forced upon Love with the recent leak. One should point out that Soulja had threatened to leak a sex tape involving Love during the peak of his beef with Yachty, though it would be strange if this particular lesbian footage is what he had in mind.

This guy also seems to rap as Kam Bam.