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Italian erotic movies

Italian cinema has produced its fair share of classics over the last century. Many of these possess a strong sensual atmosphere at their core, one that is fundamental to their identity and country. In this article I will attempt to provide a healthy mixture of beloved Italian classics and more obscure modern creations, all of which are savanna samson tubes cinematic delights. Probably the most cherished of all Italian films and in many ways the most iconic as well.

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We follow Jep, an ageing socialite, as he erotic up to his past and movies loves that he let slip through his fingers. In spite of the endless party scenes with beautiful models, it is the moments with women from his own history that provide the most engaging sensual moments. This film takes a meaty subject matter as its premise: Exchanges between Mussolini and these two women are notably heated and full of sexual moments.

A fresh faced Liv Tyler italian the show as a young American girl on a voyage of discovery in rural Tuscany. The whole film is drenched in sun-kissed sexual energy as Tyler becomes the object of affection to a number of suitors, including Jeremy Irons as an ageing playwright.