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Jane bond adult

Sign in. This was one of the very first X rated films I ever saw! I've seen it too much, I think, no, I know jane seen it too much 'cause I actually know the plot!!!

Jane Bond RP NEAC

They find there way into adult warehouse and it turns out it's a set up for the leader of Control. Kozodirky been hipnostised and she leaves him with May Wong, or some name like that. And i'll give you one guess as to what she forces him to full to her.

Eventually he blows her mind with his own pistol and he takes control of the situation. And goes off to find Jane and un-hipnotise her to take on Golden Rod and his henchmen.

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If you can find this film, it's not bad. The acting is actually fair bond as how it's a porn movie!

Jane Bond Live

There's no pool boy and there's no guests who just walk onto screen. It apparently got a few sequels such as "Octopussy" and something else. But these where kind of funny.

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