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Jay manalo and sunshine cruz full movie

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Back to where she started. Thus, expect love scenes between Sunshine and her leading men Raymond Bagatsing as the potter and Enzo Pineda the photographer. Sunshine is 42 last July 18 and Enzo is 28 and they bridge the year age-gap with sizzling love scenes that those in Ekis, her last known daring outing, would pale turned ash-gray in comparison.

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To herald her bold comeback, Sunshine threw cautions They will find out when they watch the movie. According to Sunshine, it helps that the movie is co-directed by two women, Danica Sta.

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Lucia, a producer and video editor, and Leilani Chavez, a soap opera writer and journalist. Manuel L. Quezon with whom he has in the movie amazing resemblance. No cause for worry, assured Sunshine, no problem. Past is past.

Sunshine Cruz And Jay Manalo Sex Scandal

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