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ONE of the world's most successful porn stars is now homeless, and living in a nightmarish network of pitch-black tunnels beneath the glamorous Las Vegas Strip. Jenni Lee, known by the screen name Stephanie Saddora, is still ranked the th best porn actress in the world. A Dutch film crew making a documentary about Las Vegas' system of underground tunnels, built to protect the desert city from flash floods, discovered the once almost unrecognisable adult actress "camping" in the dank space.

Pornhub star Jenni Lee now homeless living in creepy network of tunnels under Las Vegas

When asked by the documentary-maker if she was a porn actress she replies: Jenni was filmed wearing an oversized grey coat and with all the glamour of her porn persona gone. But Jenni insists she's happy living underground, "I have everything I need here" she says.

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When asked if she thinks she could leave group tunnel network, home to hundreds of Las Vegas' homeless, she replies: She admits that the dark underground space is missing its home comforts long hair porn tubes running water, but insists group the hardships build camaraderie.

The ex-actress claims that underground, people are "more accepting" and she feels like she has made more "genuine" friends. The mile-long labyrinth running beneath the city of sin is home to an estimated people - many of whom lee from drug addictions. Those who live there set up tents within the tunnels - with inhabitants claiming the best place to "camp" jenni far away from tunnel exits - as police tend not to search lee far in.


Some have even lived in the tunnels for years, fashioning themselves kitchen areas, lounges and bedrooms. But it's not an easy life - in a documentary about the tunnel's inhabitants, one man claims a girl who lived there in February drowned when water flooded the tunnels.

Matthew O'Brien, author of jenni the Neon: