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Blue Hair: Blonde Height: With a look that screams 90's boy band, a tube body, a beautiful smile and an unbridled passion for cock, Jett Black just might be today's ultimate twink pornstar.

Jett Black

A professional ballet dancer from Denmark, he performed for the queen of Denmark, as well as in world cultural capitals in Europe and North America. He entered porn as just another creative outlet, performing in a medium that isn't as creatively constricted as the choreography in a dance performance, where every step is preplanned and precision is mandatory, though as a result of his burgeoning porn career he was thrown out of the prestigious Royal Winnepeg Ballet.

However their loss is entirely your gain, as you watch this extraordinary performer performing in a more horizontal manner, rather than standing on his toes. Daddyhunt Jett Appropriate.

Jett Black - 3 Videos

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