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I've owned a lot of jugs in my lifetime for every imaginable situation — supplying hydration for sporting events, holding hot coffee jugworld work, carrying water for workouts, storing hot cocoa for camping trips and getting my favorite craft beer at the local brewery.

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Everyone in my family has their own jugs for their own lifestyle. And having played and coached competitive sports, I've noticed every player has their own jug. Over jugworld years, I realized that all of those jugs under-performed in multiple ways.

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Many didn't keep liquids cold or hot for very long. Others had serious design issues that made them awkward to use. Their caps broke, leaked or jugworld lost, rendering them useless.

And all of them could only be jugworld with a permanent marker — very messy.

Main Ingredient’s Measuring Jug

Honestly, they were all Riding huge dildos Jugs! Every element of the Zug Jug was designed as a solution to a specific Bad Jug issue, resulting in fantastic functionality and ease of use. Here's how Zug Jug improves the jug:. Bad Jug Problem: