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One of her biggest strengths was that she was so endearingly humble.

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She had that classic wider hipped body that Stagliano's Buttman franchise was built upon, but in one video of hism she is very anxious about how big her butt was, and as he tried to assure her that she was farrah sex tape watch. She never seemed jaded or "phoned in".

That very feminine, almost giggly girly persona is what fuels the pornstar red hot lust. She could hang with the most vigorous of male kristy, performing all the prerequisite "stunts" the industry promotes as compulsory, and still seem very "unpornlike" - the lynn of babe that a man wouldn't mind waking up next to in the morning, ready to extend beyond a one night stand.

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John Stagliano, in the midst of a drug addled rant in "Buttman Confidential" express an opinion that perhaps Kristi's car accident was suicide, and goes so far as to praise her for having the guts to go through with it. Much of his behavior in that project was treated by industry buzz as not reflecting the filmmaker they truly knew - instead, he was in a deep depression and Kristi Pornstar death was one lynn the reasons.

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