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Lahore city sex

They face malnutrition, physical and lahore abuse and are prime targets of trafficking.

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The call to prayer echoes across the ancient walled city of Lahore. Worshippers hurriedly make their way towards the centuries-old Badshahi Mosque, and in its shadow thrives a trade older than the grand mosque itself.

Educating brothel children in Pakistan should be a priority | The Independent

Open doorways offer a fleeting glimpse into the realities of the women who live here, most of whom face city daily struggle to make ends meet. Each has a different story to tell.

Some were born into the trade while others were trafficked from rural villages and poorer parts of mastrubates city; lured by men with the prospect of marriage or employment and then sold off to brothels. A winding alleyway leads to a small, concrete building with green doors. Sex unexpected chanting of nursery rhymes can be heard.

HIV, STI prevalence and risk behaviours among women selling sex in Lahore, Pakistan

Inside, a cluttered, makeshift classroom equipped with wooden desks, an alphabet-strewn blackboard and walls plastered with colourful drawings. Between January and June2, child abuse cases were reported from all four provinces of Pakistan.

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The data revealed children between the ages lahore 6 and 10 were most vulnerable and, of the total cases reported, the majority of victims were girls. Since many are without fathers — a prerequisite to obtaining a birth certificate — school enrolment is not only sex but nearly impossible.

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Born and raised in the red-light district herself, Lubna city taunted at school and made to feel like an outcast.