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The strip club industry is surviving the downturn, but only by targeting the most vulnerable, as women are paid less to perform. Amy stopped working angel kelly naked lap- dancing lapdancing six months ago.

For a while she enjoyed the work: But eventually she knew it was time to videos. A girl won't make any money at all if she doesn't do any private dances, so it's become tough. Like any industry, the stripping trade has had to weather the economic difficulties of the past four years.

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You can feel that the industry is being squeezed by the recession, but it's not desperate. Many commentators have expressed surprise that the industry hasn't taken a more noticeable hit amid Britain's continuing financial gloom.

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The reason for this, according to new research, may be that clubs are charging their dancers more money to work in their venues and hiring a larger numbers of strippers to compensate for falling business from punters. Last year, the licensing rules governing lap dancing venues were significantly tightened, naked woman tumbir the number of clubs operating in Britain is still around — a 50 per cent increase on 10 years ago.

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Academics at the University of Leeds, who are currently midway through one of the most detailed studies of the lap- dancing trade ever conducted in Britain, say lapdancing are now taking home significantly less pay. The vast majority of strip clubs in Britain charge dancers for the privilege of working in their venues. Most have to videos for their own clothes, a "house fee" and a commission to the club on money made through private dances.

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Some also have to tip bar staff and waitresses to send wealthy clients their way, and many clubs also impose financial penalties for various transgressions such as chewing gum or talking on a mobile phone. Over the weekend, house fees often triple.