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Latina maids

How sad that maids is the type of project that Latina Longoria has decided to support.

Latina Actress Aims To Break Maid Stereotype

She could have thought outside the box and gone past latina. These are REAL stories worth telling, not stories about how they work hard to find dirt on their employers, and connive and conspire behind their backs.

Photo credit: Latina Magazine. It is infuriating and disheartening to me that we think this is reality for Latinas… maybe it is for some but not for all.


For people that do not encounter successful Latinos or do not know ANY Latinos, that is what they think… they are all day laborers and maids. Free sex videos speak three languages. I own a house. I am raising a multilingual child. I blog and I write for Mamiverse.

10 Famous, Memorable And Notorious Latina Maids - News Taco

Devious Maids marks the first time in American media history that a mainstream series features five Latina main characters — a perfect opportunity to portray diverse characters, who in turn, have diverse careers.

Or a maid and a nanny—But to have the opportunity to bring a show where Latinas will be in major roles and to create characters that feed the stereotype of the hot Maids maid is just sad. I want to see someone like me… someone struggling with dual identities, with issues about language and culture; someone who loves her big, loud family.