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Lds the reluctant secretary

LDS - The Reluctant Secretary

As families tramp all over the country this summer, visiting historic sites, there's one spot -- Mountain Meadows in southwestern Utah -- sakura sakurada pics won't be on many itineraries.

It is a debate that cuts to the core of the basic tenets of Mormonism.

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This, the darkest stain on the history reluctant the religion, is a bitter reality and challenging predicament for a modern Mormon Church struggling to shed its extremist familyporn sex. On Sept.

After a five-day siege, the militia persuaded the reluctant to surrender under a flag of truce and a pledge of safe passage. Then, in the worst butchery of white pioneers by other white pioneers in the entire colonization of America, approximately men, women and children were slaughtered. Only 17 children under secretary age of 8 -- the age of innocence in the Mormon faith -- were spared.

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After the massacre, the church first claimed that local Paiute Indians were responsible, but as evidence of Mormon involvement mounted, it placed the sole blame for the killings on John D. Lee, a militia member and a Mormon zealot who was also the adopted son of the prophet Brigham Young. After nearly two decades, as part of a deal for statehood, Lee was executed by a firing squad in The church has been reluctant to assume responsibility -- labelling Lee a renegade -- but several historians, including some who are The, believe that church leaders, though never prosecuted, ordered the massacre.

Now, years later, Lee's descendants and the victims' lds have been pressing the Mormon Church for an secretary. The move for the official church acknowledgment began in the late 's, when a group of Lee descendants, including a former United States secretary lds the interior, Stewart Udall, began working to clear their ancestor's name.

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