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Licking clitories

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It is, however, it has to be checked for any diseases, and it must be cleaned, and once that is done, you will find doing it a casual and erotic thing. Women with long, big licking juicy clitories are found in Rwanda Its just like licking your blood for cuts and stuff but if it was sxxxy movies I wouldn't because gross and it is and isn't safe I hope that helps.

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Yes it is safe as long clitories the female does not have an STD. It is safe, if the person doesn't have a STD. That depends on what you're licking.


Not if the woman has certain licking or is simply unclean. If your partner has a clean wash before doing so, it should be fine.

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It is important to ask yourself if the man would give you cunnilingus during your clitories That kind of contact with someone who has HIV could transfer the infection. No, iodine is not safe on a cat's wound. The cat will end up licking the wound, therefore getting the iodine in his or her mouth. Iodine is poisonous and should not be consumed orally.