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Lipstick fetish forum

An archive of the stories from the old lipstick fetish forum :)

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Fetish blame us. Blame yourself or God.

Lipstick fetish forum -

Unfortunately, the site is gone, due to domain costs not being kept up. The Forum's primary admin, who had been paying the domain costs for years, hadn't logged on in months, and it's likely he passed away at some point.

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It's really sad, I noticed a long time ago how it lipstick gone, I assumed it evilanger com just down of a while at first, but then after it so much time, I figured out it was just dead forever. These forums are good for gathering a community and helping us finding new stuff even if that site didn't have as much on the type of content I enjoyedso it's forum sad to see something like that happening.

The Lipstick Fetish Forum

To think I discovered that forum through this place, which thankfully is very active, more than it used to be when I first discovered the Lipstick Fetish forum. Actually, I'm just glad this forum is still alive, and most of the users from old times are still here.

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It's kinda amazing because if you really look at it, we're a very small community here. I plan to post horrible memes and jokes until the forum dies or I get banned.