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No Thank You: 5 Pieces of Marriage Advice from Indian Aunties We Could Do Without

The days of making fun of those dreaded Desi dramas is over. Your guilty pleasure is watching South Asian TV serials, zoomed in dramatic faces and all. When someone catches you, blame aunties xnxx arabic your mom. Yeah, she definitely forced you.

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You know, the same gossip you hated to hear when your mom brought it up. It now fuels you. Cue the Bollywood music, you are about to put on a show. Did that really happen? There is a little boy in the background looking at her.

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Well, little children now complain about you. Why are you yelling on that Facetime call- they can aunties you fine.

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Times have changed. You find yourself incorporating Desi lndian into English sentences when speaking to your Desi friends. You may not even remember the English word for something, but know the perfect Desi one to use. Eating Tide pods as a lndian