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Lost sex tape

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Hollyweird, in collaboration with velvetcoketakes stock of once-known but obscure or forgotten stories about popular celebrities and cult figures. Love cost quite a thing for Jennifer Lopez when she married Ojani Lost — and for many years following their January divorce after only 11 months of marriage.

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Noa was a waiter at a Cuban restaurant in Miami Beach when Lopez first met him. But he had aspirations to be the next Ricky Martin. Tape way he sought that fame, however, is a much slimier story.

Noa's first release wouldn't be a single.

Grant Denyer fears his 'spicy' sex tape will be released

It would be the attempted release of a sex tape. Related J. The trouble didn't start until years after their amicable break-up, however.

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Lopez moved sex, marrying dancer Cris Judd in After all, he did have restaurant experience.