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Maid for love movie

This film is an unusual variation on the Cinderella formula: Maid, rather than doing so out of malice, Stella hopes to teach the heroine there is more to life than financial security.

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Jessie Montgomery Ally Sheedy is a spoiled rich girl in her mids whose hard partying lifestyle and lack of self-respect as well as a lack of respect for others is starting to wear thin on her single father Charles Tom Skerritta wealthy philanthropistand on her boyfriend Brent Jason Beghewho breaks up with her after finally getting frustrated with her immature and self-destructive behavior. When Jessie is arrested love drunk driving and drug possession, she finally pushes Charles beyond his limits.

Maid for Love (2012)

He blames himself, as many years ago his wife died of cancer at a pinky presents mz booty when Jessie was a small child. Feeling it would help her cope with the death of her mother, Charles seldom laid down the law, often spoiling Jessie. While in the company of family retainer Woodrow Theodore Wilsonhe says the one thing he thought he would never say To keep Jessie from ruining her life, Stella casts a spell "erasing" Jessie's life as movie is, as if Charles did never have a daughter.

Then she bails Jessie out of jail.

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When Jessie tries to go home, her father doesn't recognize her and claims that he has no daughter. Stella appears and tells her that she's getting what for deserves.

She tells Jessie that if she wants to eat and have a place to sleep, she will have to find employment.

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