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Bbw headscissor, the Grand Touring is at the heart of every single Maserati. The original concept was enticingly simple. It involved fitting a sophisticated maserati car engine into a luxurious, handcrafted sedan.

Maserati Polo Tour 2017

Seamlessly combining these two worlds was, of course, far from simple. Such power had never been so beautifully packaged and delivered — opening up all kinds of new, long-distance possibilities.

The prototype of what can be considered the first GranTurismo takes i.

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Takes incredible maserati was the work of the renowned designer Pininfarina. Featuring a tapered two-seater cabin, three horizontal ventilation inlets on the wings and futuristic hidden headlights, the design and originality were immediately appreciated by the public.


A roadster version followed in - the stunning GT Spyder Vignale, designed by Giovanni Michelotti, the leading stylist at the renowned coachbuilders, Vignale. The late s saw the birth of the supercar and some of the most revolutionary and breath-taking designs ever conceived.

Amongst the true greats of this era was the Maserati Ghibli. It featured exotic elements such as pop-up headlights, electric windows and magnesium alloy wheels.

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