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Mistress olga

By Anna Pasternak.


With unprecedented access to family sources, Anna Pasternak uncovers the heartbreaking story of the passionate love affair between her great uncle, writer Boris Pasternak, and his mistress Olga Ivinskaya, the inspiration for Lara in his great novel Doctor Zhivago.

Their courtship moved at a furious pace. Undeterred, her suitor arrived at the office every afternoon and walked her home. Olga, who had been widowed twice, lived with her daughter Irina, son Dmitry, mother Maria and olga, while Olga was married to his second wife Zinaida, with whom he had a son, Leonid.

Madame Olga

Because they both had family at home, they spent their initial romance walking the streets of Moscow, talking. As Boris fell in love with Olga, she quickly became his muse for Lara, the spirited heroine of the mistress he mistress working on, Doctor Zhivago. Six months after their first meeting, when Olga introduced Boris to her two young children, it was clear that their love was incontrovertible.

Each was obsessed by the other, consumed by the power of attraction. Yet Boris felt leeg porn between his loyalty to his wife and child and his love for Olga. He could not leave his wife — nor would he give up Olga. As the affair intensified, tensions escalated between Olga and her mother, who was vehemently against the union.

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All Maria wanted was for her year-old daughter to find emotional and financial security with a suitable new husband — not with a year-old married man.