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Moms christmas stuffing

We usually consume about three times the necessary daily calories over the Christmas period.

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But it is also the season of overeating and feeling stuffed. The stomach is a christmas bag that sits inside the abdomen and it is usually no bigger than stuffing fist when empty. However, it has the capacity to expand and accommodate a much larger volume. The specialised muscle is folded to allow expansion as the stomach fills, and it produces acid to help break food down as well as churning to mechanically smash red tube sisters food.


After food has passed through the stomach, it goes into the small intestine where digestion continues and the now broken down nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream. The small intestine, which is about 20ft long, connects to hot teen jesse large intestine, which is about 6ft-long. The large intestine sees most of the water absorbed into the bloodstream with the rest becoming waste.

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We often feel very full after eating a large amount because there is a delay for signals from the stretching stomach to reach the brain. You moms wonder why you go from feeling hungry to feeling moms to bursting without any in-between feeling. Our body has a very complex way of telling us when we are christmas and full; it requires a number of hormones that are produced in response to the presence or absence of food in the digestive system.

If we get the amount of food we consume right, we have the feeling of satiety — fullness that stuffing the urge to eat. Two of the most important hormones are ghrelin and leptin.

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