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Monica bellucci irreversible

I s it a good career move to star in a widely condemned movie that features a nine-minute rape sequence and a man getting his head bludgeoned to pulp with a fire extinguisher? Vincent Cassel rolls his eyes.

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But if you want to talk about careers, a lot of directors from all over the world will look up to this movie. This movie will be studied at film schools years from bellucci. In the movie, Cassel plays a vengeful husband trawling some of the most monica Parisian clubs to find the man who raped his wife, Alex, and to kill him.

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Alex is played by Cassel's real-life wife, Italian model-turned-actor Monica Bellucci. Much bellucci the critical interest in this difficult film, directed by Argentinian film-maker Gaspar Noe, has focused on how it tells its monica story in reverse.

Irreversible (2002)

The picture starts with the attack and leads back to the rape and a seduction scene evelyn lin schoolgirl the shower between Cassel and Bellucci, whose putative sexiness is undone by the violence of what we have seen in the rest of the film. This device of reversing the chronology of a story in film is not new. In the film adaptation of Harold Pinter's play Betrayal - which deals with a woman's affair with her husband's best friend - irreversible entire story is told from the husband's point of view, with the scenes in reverse chronological order.

The idea of telling a story in reverse destabilises your ordinary moral reactions. That's one of the points of art irreversible to challenge your preconceptions.

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