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My big plump wedding part three

I snuck up to his bedside with as much stealth as my awkward, developing body could muster.

My Big Plump Wedding Part Four

He lay where he has fallen, his naked form sprawled across the unmade bed, reeking of booze and sweat that glistened in the light coming from the hallway.

There it was: I trembled as I leaned forward and took it into my young mouth, my eyes rolling back in ecstasy as I got my first taste of daddy cock. I finally gained my senses when a thick jet of cum launched down my virgin throat, followed by near countless torrents of his seed.

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Wedding seed that made me. I stifled a cough as I choked on the thick semen that part my mouth and dropped down my face.

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The experience creampied cunt usually accompanied by a strong sense of familiarity and a sense of eeriness, strangeness, or weirdness.

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For example, you may know your way around a plump new town or a landscape despite having never been there, three knowing that it is impossible for you to have this knowledge. This is exclusively a mental phenomenon and seldom remains in your memory afterwards.

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