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Notes and chords must be plucked out of the air in the strangest of harmonic surroundings; there are lines of tremendous angularity, densely chromatic chords and ever-changing time signatures.

NUCN/2S : Turret nut - NUCN/2S - (UNC) : Anemo

The latter is because they are entirely dictated by the texts, which are not in fact psalms but spiritual meditations on repentance from the 16th century: This work has been waiting for choirs able to do this, because the technical challenges are not the most important thing about this music.

They are there in the service of the text, and while it is hard-won, there is consolation to be found in this penitential reflection on life and death, illustrated most profoundly by the final movement, which is textless, and one of the most profoundly beautiful nucn Schnittke ever wrote.

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The recording amasing sex superb, clear and never too resonant, and the booklet notes by Gavin Dixon are excellent. If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional nucn to Gramophone please click here for further nucn.

Turret nut - NUCN/2S

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