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Nude at home with friends

I woke nude this morning, went straight to the kitchen to drink my squeezed lemon juice and friends the coffee as most morning.

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As usual, I was in my night clothes, which means, my own personal birthday suit. As I was fetching the coffee pot, the idea of writing every day for the next days about how to get more nude time and more nudist friends came to mind.

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Hey, it should be fun. Hard to come up with ideas for sure, but fun and creative. I love home boundaries of creativity. This way, ideas can bounce onto each others to create more ideas. So I had my idea and jumped on my PC to write those few words to you my reader.

Nude with visitors in your home?

Sexiest shemale ever do not know what will come out. Probably some good ideas, some crap ideas. However, from today, November 12 until February 20, you will find an idea a day on this blog.

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This idea will be related to nudism, nude time and nude friends: Of course, if you are living in a nudist community, you may not find those ideas as useful as others, like most of us including me, who do not live in such a community. To the next ideas! A new idea to enjoy nakedness for the next days1 With great!

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