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Nylons and sandals

The most daring trend on the Spring runways was not the rhinestone-encrusted nip slip at Saint Laurent. Nor was it wearing your lingerie out of the house in the light of day.

Can You Wear Pantyhose With Sandals?

In fact, the most jaw-dropping trend of the season started from the bottom up: Go ahead, shriek if you want. Man fuck snake porn at the thought!

daniela marks

The idea and those gangly little piggies shrouded in semi-sheer drugstore-bought nylons is enough to induce mild heart palpitations in anyone. Which means nylons better start the chest-clutching now: At Altuzarracoy, cherry-dotted black nylons were worn with a lacquer-red pair of open-toe sandals to cheeky effect.

Can You Wear Pantyhose With Sandals?

At Balenciagathe less offensive cousin of the nylon made sandals cameo: Square-toe sandals were graced with opaque tights in a shocking hue of lilac or simple black. Those tried-and-true semi-sheer black pantyhose were worn out in the open with a plain sandal. Last year, Vogue. And what about black pantyhose? Well, some among us have attempted it.