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Octomom on howard stern

Howard zoomed right past the whole kid thing and went right to the sex questions.

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According to Nadya, she is asexual and has not had sex with a man in almost 14 years. Howard seemed octomom bouncing boobs catwalk model as to what was going on in her sex life before deciding that Nadya was a lesbian or at least primarily into women.

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Howard pressed the issue and Octomom vehemently denied it at first, but the more Howard asked, the less confident she sounded up until stern started answering the lesbian questions by pleading the fifth. His audience must have been as howard since HowardStern.

Octomom: 'I'm Excited About Stripping'

According to Jessica, Octomom has a very pretty vagina… not at all a cavern that everyone suspects it is. Per both girls, Octomom had a very hard time even getting small toys in during her video shoot. After the interview, Ocotmom seemed pretty excited to hop up on the Sybian sex machine. The sounds made during the ride were different to say the least. She DID want to look at Jessica during the ride.

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