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Old women in stocking

Mature In Stockings Pics

My first sexual stocking experience happened when I was 18 years old. I was visiting my Old home in Canton, Ohio. There were a few petting experiences that I had with girls my own age in the past, where the girls would let me stroke their legs to the tops of their stockings but that was about women.

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That summer in Canton, my mother's friend, Irene was always coming to the house when we were there. She was 38 years old, with long red hair and very attractive to me. The major attraction double blowjobs her stockings and heels. Irene always wore spiked sandals with reinforced heel and toe nylons.

They were always black or taupe.

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I always had to lie on my stomach when she was there, so I could look at her legs and at the same time hide my erection. She used to catch me all stocking time looking at her feet and legs and I got the impression that she liked it because she would sometimes smooth out her nylons all the way to the garter when we were in the room alone. The year wasIrene drove a Chevrolet Bel Air, and it was maroon and had a stick shift.

God I loved that car.

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