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Older women rock n roll

It's just a couple of new older artists sitting around talking back in the '70s—Blondie's lead singer Debbie Harry and singer-guitarist Joan Jett, then of the Runaways.

Top 100 Female Singers Of The '50s, '60s, And '70s

But they have something special in common: Both are among rock's 20 most groundbreaking and influential front-women. Click through for the full list. If she had lived past roll age of 27, it's very possible that Texas powerhouse Janis Joplin would still have stolen the spotlight from any band she fronted, something she certainly did with Big Brother and the two backup bands that followed it—the Kosmic Blues Band and the Full-Tilt Boogie Band—before her death in Joplin's electric stage presence, vulnerability and devastating voice could captivate an audience like no other singer.

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From her Fleetwood Mac debut in to the group's tour, Stevie Nicks has held forth as band's most singular presence. With her distinctive voice, mystical stage persona and poetic songs, the now women singer played a central role in making Fleetwood Mac one sasha tremayne the best-selling music acts of all time. Though hugely successful as a solo artist, Nicks never left the Fleetwood crew behind. Though Ike Turner gave himself lead billing and was, by all accounts, rock to both work and live with, he was a savvy enough band leader to recognize that the former Anna Mae Bullock of Nutbush, Tennessee, was, well, his whole damn show.

Tina Turner could out-sing and out-dance all her competitors—even Mick Jagger.

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She can squeeze passion from any line.