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Pakistani women in sex

Pakistani women at risk of sexual slavery in China

To study the perceptions about female sexuality among young Pakistani men, presenting to family physicians at a teaching hospital in Karachi, Pakistan Study Sex A questionnaire based prevalence study. Questionnaire administered to young Pakistani men, between the ages veai-s, who presented to family physicians, at the outpatient department of the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan.

Main Outcome Measures: Perception among Pakistani young men about enjoyment of sexual experiences in women, whether women stop to enjoy sexual experiences during stress, menstruation, pregnancy and after menopause. The kamakathaikal in tamil 2013 video of the study population was uniformly distributed between years.

The majority of the respondents were professionals, with a high school or a higher level education and belonged to the middle socioeconomic group. We have found a high prevalence of misconceptions about female sexuality among Pakistani young men in our study sample.

We expect the situation to be more adverse in the society where education women less and people belong to the lower socio-economic class. It is suspected that in Pakistani society, pakistani are unaware about female sexuality.

Pakistani women at risk of sexual slavery in China - Daily Times

They do not realize that women are human beings with sexual desires and can experience orgasm, equivalent to ejaculation in men. As a result of such misconceptions, a disturbed relationship emerges between the couple. The consequences of this has far reaching effects, resulting in problems with the rearing of children and ultimately harming the well being of future generations. The literature shows lack of data in d Pakistan and the adjoining region on the issue.

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