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Panty raid video

Then as one man walks out with a panty, the other two move on to hit another part of the store.

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Victoria's Secret is the largest American retailer for lingerie. It's not right," said Alex Serafin of Pittston.

Panty Raid Video Released, Shoppers React |

The panty raid was not the first time thieves have struck the store. In April, two people were caught on video swiping hundreds of dollars worth of bras.

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Despite all the attention, police said they have not gotten much helpful information to crack the crimes. I can't believe that somebody would actually get away with that and nobody saw them raid that much merchandise.

Panty Raid

It's crazy," said Danielle Raczkowski of White Haven. Wilkes-Barre Township Police said with about stores in the township, shoplifting is the number one crime. Police raid Victoria's Secret is hardly the only store with an issue, but still, officers said it is panty problem.

First it was bras, now it's panties, what's next? They are not very good thieves! Could see everything gay urethra torture were video.