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Petter north

Friday, 16 August Brexit: This is standard fare from the Tories who are now bent north blaming this fiasco on the EU.

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The EU is not going to come back to the table simply because there is no point. The Tories are not serious about a deal. They want to remove the backstop but have no serious proposal as to what would replace it. Moreover, if the Tories were genuine in their insistence that there are alternatives then what's the actual problem with petter backstop if it is never to be used?

Peter North (actor)

Furthermore, the Tories are playing silly see the wet pussy and the EU knows this. It won't stop at the backstop.

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If talks are reopened then the Tories would be all over the shop, just as Mrs May was, trying to circumvent the sequencing. A strategy wholly at odds with reality. Yet again we'd see the Tories failing to grasp the fundamentals.