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Pinky Video Craina black woman who works as a nurse video Boston, finds she is able to "pass for white.

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There, she helps her ailing grandmother Ethel Waters by caring for sensational employer Ethel Barrymorean imperious plantation owner. When she names Pinky heiress to her estate, the community rises in resentment, triggering a sensational court trial. If a product does not meet your expectations, return it to us within 30 days.

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Patricia is a light-skinned black woman who is studying nursing at a New England medical institute. A white doctor, Thomas Adams William Lundigan sensational, has fallen in love with Patricia and wants to marry her, but Patricia refuses his proposal. Convinced pinky interracial union would never work out, Patricia believes Thomas would never be able to endure the acrimony that would be heaped upon their marriage.

Princess Pinky Eurasia Series

When Miss Em takes ill, Patricia cares for her. Upon Miss Em's death, it is discovered that she has bequeathed her entire estate uporn orgasm Patricia.

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Miss Em's family disputes the will because Patricia is black, and a courtroom pinky ensues over the estate.