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Poppers videos

I've always had a hard time following instructions.

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I've bailed while signing up for Blue Videos countless times after thinking of all the steps I'd need to follow; an IKEA shelving unit almost fell on me once because I refused to anchor it to the wall. Don't even get me started with installing my new printer. But when it comes to poppers, I'm all ears. I'm a huge fan of the popular gay men's drug, marital milf masterbating, nightstand poppers and nightlife accessory—how could I not be?

Poppers Training Videos Take the Drug to Terrifying New Heights

One whiff relaxes the posterior and imparts a reliable and pleasant head rush. Poppers are like reparations from Poppers to the gay community for eons of persecution; Lord knows we'd be having way less videos if they weren't around to loosen things up for those of us who use them.

While many gay guys are fans of poppers, the majority of users imbibe with moderation. They can be big fat black gay cock strong, and it videos only takes a whiff or two to feel their effects.

And they're somewhat risky to use if you don't poppers what's in yours, so less is definitely more yet they're relatively safe compared to drugs like alcohol or cocaine. But a subset of popper fans have taken to testing the drug's limits, in a fetish designed to push users to inhale as long and hard as they can.


In DIY tutorials posted to sites like Xtube, Pornhub, and Tumblr, "poppers training videos" give users step-by-step instructions to get the most out of their little amber bottles.

That "hit, hold, release" pattern increases in frequency and intensity as the video plays, with the intensity of the porn accompanying it increasing to match.

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Skill levels vary from "beginner" videos shorter hits, shorter "hold" times to "master.