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Popular like in real life, some get famous for creating stupid videos, others for masterpieces. The mediocrity is never rewarded so you must pick your poison. What data did we use?

Popular Pornstars, Adult Models and Porn Star Videos [HD]

To determine pornstar popularity, we looked at Google Trends and PornHub statistics of the most viewed pornstars. I think that those two sources are strong and trustworthy enough to help draw conclusions.

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So, what are the most popular pornstars that are currently reaping rewards of fame and are trending on both, social media as well as regular porn sites? Despite retiring few years ago, Asa Akira remains one of the most popular and searched pornstars on the Internet.

Top 41 Hottest New Pornstars Of 2019

I bet her asshole is pronstars feeling consequences of billions cumshots and thrusting motion. This is why grandmas and grandpas often popular diapers.

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Now imagine this, but in a much more extreme case where for the whole life pronstars put things inside the rectum.