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Felecia's biggest strength is that she has danay been exquisitely "put together". Her hair is always perfect, that perfectly toned body and trademark deep tan lines make her one of the most recognizable by body alone.

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A popular term for the all-girl performers that are similar to Felecia is "Lipstick Lesbians". With the pornstar majority of her partners over the years, there usually is no clearly defined dominate or masculine role player in the parings or group.

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No "butch" performers for lack of a better word! In fact very few have even looked worse for the wear in such a harsh business.

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The viewer that follows Felecia's appearances is allowed to drift off into a fantasy land of petite "former cheerleader" types, among a cast of performers that could easily be models in any mainstream medium. Another major strength of Felecia is huge tits lati pristine beauty felecia a truly carnal lust for sex.

She seems especially fond of performing vigorous oral on her fellow femmes, often delving into analingus and the felecia of "toys" to augment her goal of giving her partner an authentic orgasm. And when her partner puts in earnest work on her, Felecia will hit that high with danay relish that is all too rare. Sure, give her points for show-womanship, but when the show is convincing enough, we can forgive the reality that there is some acting involved. Felecia's career spanned nearly 15 years.

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Like Nina Hartley, one could do pornstar "six degrees" of Felecia and find it involves every major actress active during that time.