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Shyla and James are recently divorced. When Shyla starts seeing their boss, James can't take it anymore. He hears them talking about their upcoming date and James takes out his anger on Shyla's Ass! Hit Me!

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Fuck Me!: Gina is playing Black Jack at the Casino and is cheating the system. The owner takes personal care of Gina. My Mother Punishments Law is a Cunt: Briana humiliates him so James punishes her the best way he knows how. The Teacher is Picking on Me: Amia is a college professor that finds amusement in humiliating Jordan, one of the students, in front of the entire class.

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Jordan has been patient enough with Amia and decides that she needs to be punished. Borrowing Your Deep Asshole: Jordan pornstar to look for financing for his new business at the bank where MacKenzee is the credit manager.


She tells him that his idea sucks and rejects his robinhood porn.