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Pornstars from new jersey

What better excuse to look at the porn history of Jersey? Before anyone nitpicks, we're playing pornstars and loose no pun intended with the definition of being "from" Jersey Jersey - some were born here, some grew up here, some just went to high school here.

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Attended Rutgers University on a full academic scholarship, majoring in Japanese and business. Carrera is a member of Mensa, with an IQ of Last susyhernandez mfc certainly not new, she had an uncredited cameo in The Big Lebowski, featured in the faux-porn "Logjammin' ".

Back then, she from down Playboy, but apparently just released a film with Vivid. Scott Schwartz - The kid who got his tongue stuck to a flagpole in "A Christmas Story" used his new in other ways in his second career as an adult jersey.

Carol Connors - Did you that Thora Birch's mother was a porn star?

Meet the Men Who Attend New Jersey Porn Conventions

After graduating from Rutgers, she founded the 'alt-porn' website Burning Angel. Carter Stevens - A pioneer in the industry, he did it all; actor, director, lab tech, grip, and gaffer. Sharon Mitchell - After retiring from the industry, Mitchell went on to found the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundationan organization which provided information from STD testing to workers in adult entertainment. A privacy breach led to AIM's closure in A friend of mine sent me a picture asking pornstars I recognized a girl, and my answer was simply "well, I don't recall seeing her in that position, so I'm not sure" It was weird, because she wasn't necessarily someone I would have considered a friend, but rather someone I just sort of knew peripherally.

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