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While I would love to say that I haven't seen such a pronounced spattering of semen since my days as a male naked av idol. I can't because I've never been a male prostitute. Oh, peaches, I used to fuck guys for money in bus station men's rooms to be unnecessarily specificbut that was for charity Reach Arounds for Cancer Research to be, again, unnecessarily specific.

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What download the point I was trying to make? Oh pretty, whitish secretions of the moist kind. Now, I've seen pools of cum coagulating in pornography in the past, but the quality of the picture has always prevented me from admiring the goo's innate viscosity.

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The reason for this can usually be attributed to laziness on the part of the people in charge of releasing this so-called "pornography" to the masses. In their greedy little minds, they figure the saps who like these kinds of movies won't care if their precious pornography is simply transferred from worn out videocassettes.

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