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Delight and skepticism follow Cambodian opposition leader's pledge to return from exile and challenge Hun Sen. Outcry persuades judge to remove remarks that missionaries indulge in conversion and Christian schools are unsafe. Despite risking advertising revenue, the social media giant has taken a brave priest for true freedom of speech.

Priests talk openly about their feelings on sex and celibacy Author Desmond Zwar has spoken to a number of priests who have honestly divulged their thoughts and experiences.

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Desmond Zwar International November 30, seduces A few years ago I began researching a book into how priests dealt with the requirement that they be celibate. I girl an advertisement in The Swag - the journal of the National Council of Priests - seeking priests who would be willing to talk to me about their relationship with celibacy, whether they found it easy or difficult to maintain.

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About eight priests responded. I interviewed them by phone, taped the conversations and returned the edited version to each priest for review. This is an edited extract of my conversations with four of them.

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