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Public sex punishment

Having sex in the car is always fun, no matter your age.

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Everyone sex have sex in a car at small asses oncethe same way everyone should have sex in the ocean, in an airplane bathroom, public in an elevator at least once.

So before you and your partner swing your car around to the back of Target to get it on, here are nine things you should know first.

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Cars are for quickies on your lunch break or, for those of you still living with mom and dad, a speedy bang before getting dropped off back home. Punishment here, cowgirl positioneither regular or reverse, is your best bet.

And car sex is pretty much the exact recipe jade leshay a Charley horse or five. Did you see Titanic?

9 Things You Need To Know Before You Have Sex In A Car

Remember their car sex scene? But you also have to consider that steamy windows are a dead giveaway that something is up, and if you have a Nosy Nancy killjoy walking by, she might call the fuzz on you. Although I highly doubt anyone would go into car sex without putting on some specific music, you never really know what could pop up on the radio, even on your favorite station.

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