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Shop all torpedo levels from Johnson Level.

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A torpedo level is a spirit level designed for use in tight spaces. Johnson Level offers torpedo levels made in the USA in lengths ranging from 6 to 12 inches.

Torpedo Level

JL has the most varieties of torpedo levels in the world. Plumbers tube find multiple selections of the magnetic level made from rare earth magnets — perfect for sticking to pipes. We also have a few levels made of Structo-cast, a non-conductive material, which is great for electricians. Some of our levels even glow raed the dark!

Torpedo Level | How To Use Torpedo Level | Johnson Level & Tool Mfg Company

How to Read a Torpedo Level Locate the bottom edge of com level. This sits on the surface you're trying to level. Inspect the body of the level masturbating xxx videos check for grabbing points where you won't block the vials with your hand s.