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Red riding hood

Red Riding Hood ( film) - Wikipedia

Of the classics of world literature crying out to be filmed as riding sexual fantasy for teenage girls, surely "Red Riding Hood" is far down on the list. Here's a movie that cross-pollinates red "Twilight" formula with a werewolf and adds a girl who always wears a red hooded cape, although I don't recall her doing any riding.

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It's easy to imagine a story conference in which they said: Let's switch the vampires with a werewolf and recycle the theme of a virgin attracted to a handsome but dangerous hunk, only let's get two hunks! What this inspiration fails to account for is that while a young woman might toy with the notion of hood vampire boyfriend, she might not want to mate with a wolf. Although she might hood it was, like, cool to live in the woods in Oregon, she might not want to live in riding Black Forest hundreds of years ago because, like, can you text from there?

The movie was directed by Catherine Hardwickewho made the first "Twilight" film. Then we meet the narrator, Valerie, who always wears a red cape.

Red Riding Hood

They live in a village that is one of the oddest non-places in red history of production design. Because the original fairy tale was by the Brothers Grimm, I suppose there's a chance the village is in Germany, but it exists outside time and space, and seems to have been inspired by little plastic souvenir villages in airport gift shops. You know, populated mit Hansel und Gretel. Valerie Seyfried wants to marry Peter Trisha maree pornwho is a wood chopper, but her parents have betrothed her to a rich kid named Henry Max Irons.