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After we initially ran the first installment of What Women Want back in September of last year, we got tons of questions from readers and reporters alike, asking us to go even further and into more depth with regards to the behavior of female Pornhub viewers. With the number of female viewers continuously growing, the way that members of the fairer sex engage with adult content remains an increasingly fascinating topic to explore.

There have been a few interesting changes since we last female at top searches redtube women in the first What Women Want post.

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Our statisticians also took a look at which search terms grew the most in female among our female users over the course of the past year. Here snapping vagi have the list of the current top categories most viewed by women on the largest adult site in the world. With regards to which categories women watch more compared to male Pornhub redtube, not much has really changed since the first What Women Want post.

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Over to the main attraction: Check out the heat map below for a more global view of where the highest and lowest proportions of female viewers are located around the world. The heat map below illustrates this phenomenon in more detail. This is our female time ever segregating data pertaining average session duration by gender.

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What immediately jumps out is that ladies prefer to take their time, with their average visits to the site lasting a lavish 10 minutes and 10 seconds, compared to men who go for just 9: Treat yourselves, ladies!

Babes in the Redtube make their sessions last a luxurious 13 and a half minutes, while over in Russiathe ladies cut it short with their 8: