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The RedTube Album goes down a bleaker route, eschewing the shrieks of faked orgasm for the tawdry, pre-penetration interview and rhythmic drones of slapped and patted private parts.

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Whimpering voices answering how old they are and when they first pretty sex makes for pretty upsetting listening; taken out of context, the desperation and exploitation sound obvious. There have also been two videos made to go with pretty album, splicing together clips of various blue movies iranian movie sex all you can see is glassy stares, vinegar strokes and 99 cent lip gloss.

RedTube - New Videos

I wanted a project that would force me to learn how to sample properly. I figured if I could make an entire album out of porn sounds, then I could go on to sample just about anything, but also because the world of online porn is so surreal and otherworldly that it seemed novel to make a kind of "audio document" of it.

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In 20 years, the website—and the overall landscape of online porn—could be completely different. I like to think that this album captures how it is right now: Spending a lot of time on RedTube clearlylistening out redtube open melodic phrases in the background music, and potential drum hits, saving everything in a big soundbank, loading the sounds into a software sampler, triggering the samples redtube, and using trial and error until a groove gets going. Then repeating that process over and over.

Really good, actually.

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