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Romantic aggression

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We also examined the effects of individual differences in emotional and behavioral problems. Parental monitoring emerged as a protective factor in reducing both dating victimization and relational aggression. Our findings also point to a significant transfer of aggression in peer relationships to relational aggression in dating relationships.

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Dating during adolescence is a normative experience that can foster interpersonal competence and lay the foundation for intimate adult relationships Furman et al. Empirical studies have linked healthy dating experiences to both positive adjustment and elevated self-esteem Connolly and Konarskibut aggressive dating experiences are also linked to negative outcomes such as internalizing and externalizing behaviors Davila et al. Dating aggression in adolescence has been associated with other negative outcomes including low self-esteem, romantic amy anderson porn, dropping out of school and teenage pregnancy Hagan and Foster ; Lewis and Fremouw ; Silverman et al.

Adolescents are inexperienced with dating and report heighten emotionality when involved in romantic relationships Feiringwhich potentially increases dating conflict and aggression. During early explorations of intimate aggression relationships, adolescents may have difficulty determining the difference between flirting and aggression and grapple with distinguishing behaviors that are playful from those that are aggressive Johnson et al.

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One-quarter to over one-half of dating adolescents report physical or psychological abuse in their relationships James et al. Risk for aggressive dating experiences are influenced aggression individual adjustment as well romantic interpersonal contexts, including those created by familial interactions Ehrensaft et al. Given the significance of relational aggression in adolescent peer relationships see Leadbeater et al. Recent research has also begun to document the detrimental effects of psychological and verbal assaults in dating relationships Holt and Espelage